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Ethical Beach Bag Essentials for Summer 2020

Why you need these summer must-haves


We know it’s a little early to be talking about summer, but we’re just too excited for beach days and warm weather! Since we have Sinipesa babes all over the world, we thought it’s always going to be a perfect time to share our beach essentials. Also, don’t worry… we’d never recommend products that go against our own values. All of our beach essentials are created by ethical, cruelty free and sustainable brands that share the same values as Sinipesa Swim!


Ready for 2020?

Sinipesa Swim

1. Sunscreen

Before putting anything on your skin, it’s so important to always make sure that it’s healthy and natural. Luckily, we’ve already got you covered on your sunscreen! Not only is sunscreen the most important beach essential to protect your beautiful skin from harsh sun rays, but it’s also something you should be wearing on a daily basis. What we love about this sunscreen from Juice Beauty is that it’s vegan, organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced. From start to finish, this product has been created with the planet and its people in mind at all times. In our eyes, it really can’t get much better than that! Shop here:

2. Beach Towel

If you’re in the market for a new beach towel this summer, let’s make it a sustainable one! We found sustainable beach towels that are ethically sourced and produced in India by The Little Market. These towels are made from 100% organic cotton which is a more sustainable option than your usual terry cloth beach towel. With terry cloth, the fabric is more likely to pill, rip or tear making it less sustainable as you would have to continue purchasing each year. In addition, these beach towels are a Fair Trade product which is an institutional arrangement that seeks to empower marginalized workers. Fair Trade means that the brand you purchase from guarantees safe working conditions, fair pay, and sustainable business practices. Shop here:

3. Sandals

Now for some fashion recommendations, you’ll always need a good pair of sandals when you’re at the beach, the pool or even on a trip to the grocery store! You just can’t go wrong with sandals in the summer. We found a brand called Sseko Designs that creates Fair Trade sandals while empowering women in Uganda. Each purchase supports women and their families across Uganda, helps to create sustainable jobs, donates to scholarship programs for education, and provides easier access to meals. When it comes to buying some sandals for yourself, you really don’t have to feel guilty about shopping anymore. This brand guarantees that your money will be making a difference in more than one way! Shop here:

4. Sun Hat

Let’s face it, you probably need a sun hat to go with your sandals. You could say that we thought of everything you might need from head to toe! The best part is, you can wear this sun hat whether you go to the beach, the pool or even traveling to new cities. G Viteri creates ethical and handmade sun hats using local materials. Even the packaging is ethical because they use very minimal material and only 100% post-consumer waste instead of plastic! Since Sinipesa Swim also has a no-plastic rule for our packaging, we appreciate other brands who do the same! Shop here:

5. Your Favorite Swimsuit

You know we had to throw in our favorite summer essential which is any one of our gorgeous bikini styles that you feel your most confident in. We love how much fun the beach can be, but we hate the fact that so many women don’t feel “bikini body ready.” We want everyone to be able to experience everything the ocean has to offer and we don’t want to see any woman get left behind! Whether it’s a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, we have swimwear styles that will flatter your figure and make you feel beautiful in your own skin. As you already know, we’re made out of 100% sustainable fabric and packaged with compostable materials.

Sinipesa Swim Bikini

Grab your beach bag, load it up, slip into your Sinipesa Swim and you’re ready for a sustainable and ethical summer. Have fun babes!

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