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Guide to Self-Acceptance and Body Positivity

3 steps to love and accept your body as it is

The transition into womanhood isn’t always as beautiful and miraculous as we imagine it to be in our heads. It’s not always full of self-love and confidence like we see in the movies. Sometimes, it can get ugly. By ugly, we’re talking about the process of having to unlearn those self-critical habits that make us increasingly insecure about our bodies as we get older.

It’s hard enough to walk through life feeling inadequate about your figure. Even worse, knowing that the women you look to for inspiration are probably just as critical about their bodies as you are.

Well, that’s why women talking about the journey to self-acceptance is becoming more and more vital.


You are beautiful!


1. Be Easier On Yourself

We spend too much time looking at others to shape this idea of what it means to be a woman and then we expect ourselves to meet that standard. If we can’t, we believe that we have things to “improve” on, as if we aren’t good enough just as we are. The concept of pushing ourselves to limits that we’re uncomfortable with only create unhealthy mentalities and habits for young women.

 Instead, go easier on yourself. Quit the negative self-talk and accept yourself the way you’d accept a girl friend for her body.

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2. Get Inspired by Different Women

Assuming that most of us have apps like Instagram, well, it’s time to start checking in with the women you’re following. It’s inevitable to find beautiful women with perfect bikini bodies at every corner of Instagram. Unfortunately, it’s hard to not compare ourselves to what we see in the photo.

The best thing you can do for your mental health is to start following accounts that make you feel positive about yourself. Whether it’s following women who share unedited content, women who talk about self-confidence, or women who remind you that it’s okay to be you, it’ll make your journey towards self-acceptance that much easier.

3. Change Your Perspective

No one can make you love your body but yourself. Odds are, achieving your idea of the “perfect” bikini body wouldn’t even equate to self-confidence because you’re so focused on maintaining perfection.

Instead, change your perspective on how you view beauty, bodies, and women in general. As a woman, be kinder to other women in the sense that you no longer have this distorted and limiting view of what it means to be beautiful. By dropping this desire to achieve the unachievable, you’re only insulting yourself and other women who don’t have what you consider to be beautiful.  

These may seem typical or even ineffective at the moment, but small changes lead to huge transformations. The way you choose to view yourself and the way you choose to view others determines the impact you’ll have in this world.

Instead of feeling just as bad about your bikini body as another woman might feel, do something different and inspire her to love herself.

The more women see other empowered women accepting their bodies for what it is, the more they feel like it’s okay to drop their high expectations and love themselves too.

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