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Female Powered Eco Swimwear

The intention of Sinipesa Swim started as a two-folded project;

one part for the planet, one part for the women living in it.

We started as an idea that perhaps one woman could make the fashion industry a little more sustainable and a lot more ethical. There’s been a gap in the swimwear industry that’s called for a bikini brand to simultaneously value environmentally conscious production and fashion-forward aesthetics. At the same time, it’s been long overdue for a swimwear brand to admire the beauty of a woman's natural physique and empower her to do the same. This is when our founder, Lucia, initially envisioned the direction of Sinipesa Swim.  

Eco-Friendly Triangle Bikini



 A swimwear brand built on ethical values, our mission is to do our part in reducing the amount of waste that enters our oceans. Lucia’s deep appreciation for the beach and the ocean ignited once she moved from her hometown, Madrid, to the French Riviera where she lived by the water.

It was the ocean that initially inspired her to create sustainable swimwear collection that’s made out of Econyl - a 100% regenerated nylon fiber crafted from abandoned fishing nets and other type of nylon waste on  our oceans. Without any background in bikini design or obtaining any sewing capabilities, she was purely motivated by the idea of style and sustainability coexisting in one brand.   


Sinipesa Swim is completely female powered because who knows what women need more than women themselves? 

Sustainable Luxury Bikini

From ownership to photography, the women at Sinipesa Swim thrive off of empowering others to feel sexy and confident in their swimwear that’s been ethically sourced. We’re genuine in our consistent effort to spread body positivity to as many women on this planet as possible.

We understand the pressure that the swimwear industry has previously imposed on women to feel ashamed of their less than perfect “beach bodies.” We understand this because as a brand built by women, we’ve felt it ourselves. That’s why we’re here to disrupt the bikini industry and create a shift towards sustainability, empowerment, and environmentally conscious values. 


Our promise to you is that we’ll always stay true to our brand values.

We can make this promise because Sinipesa Swim has always been more than just a swimwear brand. It’s a passion project deeply rooted in the love and appreciation for the ocean and earth. As a gentle reminder as to why we continue this endeavor, you’ll notice that each bikini is named “wave” in various languages.

We’ve engraved our purpose into our product as an affirmation to ourself as a brand. Even more, we hope that you’ll remember your own purpose as a citizen of the world every time you slip into your Sinipesa bikini.

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