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The Ultimate Sustainable Packaging

What if you could plant your packaging?


At Sinipesa Swim, we take sustainability seriously. We care about the planet and we would never want to harm it. This is exactly why we created swimsuits that are made out of recycled plastics. But at this point, you probably already knew that! What we haven't told you yet is that even our packaging is ecological. Yes, we thought of everything.

zero waste goals

Biodegradable Packaging

Something we’ve noticed is the amount of pressure that’s applied to banning single-use plastic, but then the complete disregard when it comes to packaged items. We started to wonder why nobody talks about how all of our clothing is delivered. At this point, we’ve all ordered enough clothing online to realize that our items are probably being delivered inside of a plastic bag. Most likely, nobody mentions this issue because people aren’t thinking of plastic waste when they order from online fashion brands.

We get it, it’s exciting to finally receive your package that you’ve been waiting for all week. But, what if you could continue ordering online while receiving a package that has the lowest ecological footprint as possible? Now that’s something to be excited about!

We’re taking one of the first steps toward a more sustainable fashion industry by using 100% compostable packaging from a company called Noissue: When we found out that our packaging could be sustainable, compostable, plant-based, and durable all in one, we didn’t even think twice about going for it.

So, let’s spill all the details about what you can expect your swimsuits to be delivered in. You know those plastic bags that usually protect your items in the mail and then get thrown away later? Well, we replaced those with compostable bags made out of corn-based biopolymers. We found these bags to be even more durable than plastic bags which provides extra protection for our swimsuits and doesn’t contribute to any waste. But wait, it gets even better! Even our stickers and tissue paper are sustainable.

Our stickers and tissue paper are both acid-free and completely made with soy based ink instead of petroleum ink. Using soy based ink lowers the products ecological footprint because it reduces air pollution in the process of drying. You could say that we’re trying our absolute best to have the lowest environmental impact that a brand could possibly have!

We just want the best for our Sinipesa babes which is why we have found a way to stick to our core values while making sure our packaging is durable enough so your items never get ruined in the process of delivery. Not only this, but an intention of ours is to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle and we couldn’t let our packaging hinder that for you. With all that being said, let’s go into summer feeling guilt-free and proud of our sustainable choices!

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Compostable Packaging


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