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Find Your Perfect Sinipesa Suit: Flatter Your Features

Wanna find your perfect bikini? Stick with us!


Let’s be real for a second. We usually never feel as free and comfortable in our swimwear as the models seem to be in their Instagram posts. Women are advertised this idea that our bodies are categorized by pear, hourglass, apple, spoon, inverted triangle, and the list continues. Well, what happens when we look in the mirror and feel like we might be half pear and half apple shaped? What if we are shaped just like an hourglass, but have small boobs? This is exactly why swimwear shopping can feel daunting and even deter women from wearing bathing suits altogether.


As it turns out, our bodies aren’t actually shaped like these inanimate objects. We know, hard to believe. In fact, very few women fit perfectly into one of these body shapes so don’t feel alone in the seemingly complex struggle to flatter your figure! If swimwear was advertised to enhance certain features of women’s bodies rather than certain body types, we’d have a much better gauge on what will flatter us and what won’t. At the end of the day, we all know our individual bodies better than anyone. All we ask is for brands to be transparent about the fit of their products. With that being said, let’s start talking specifics when it comes to Sinipesa Swim because we’re one group of women who have your back.


1. Small Bust

Small boobs don’t get enough recognition in this world! Girls with smaller chests, you always have the option whether you want to wear straps or strapless. It really depends on your level of comfortability and what you’ll be doing in your suit. Something to keep in mind is that the easiest way to make your chest appear more full is to wear tops that have an embellishment. Our Vague top flatters smaller frames with it’s dainty design and gold closure embellishments across the chest.

2. Big Bust

Bigger boobs require bigger support! The best tops for bigger chests are bra shaped and triangle shaped because they offer the most support and lift. In the past, string bikinis were known to be your worst enemy. Well, not anymore. Our Onda top is triangle shaped and designed with double straps for optimal strength and to guarantee that nothing pops out! It may look dainty, but it’s strong enough to make you feel secure. For anyone looking for a bra shaped style, don’t worry. We got you and your girls because our next collection is already being designed to have underwire and cup support so that you have even more options!

3. Small Booty

This is the time to wear string bikini bottoms, brighter colors, and show a little more cheek if you want to give your booty a fuller illusion. Our Onda bottoms come in four different colors, but Seagrass, Breeze or Pink Shell are the colors that will flatter your lower body and make your booty pop. Although our fabric seems to appear simple, we’ve added small features to make the most flattering fit. Our Onda bottoms have a double string so that when separated, the attention will be drawn to your hips making them appear wider.

4. Big Booty

If you have a bigger booty, string bikinis and high cut styles may feel too revealing. The most flattering fit will be a full-coverage bikini bottom that’ll hug your curves without making you feel uncomfortable. Our Apaka bottoms give you that support you need in your booty and sit right on your hip bone so that you won’t have to worry about them riding up your cheeks.

5. Athletic Body

To flatter your strong figure, opt for high-waisted bottoms to give you more curves and tops that’ll add lift to your chest. We recommend our suits in Vague and Onda for two reasons. First, our Vague bottoms are high-waisted and will cinch your waist while giving you the illusion of wider hips. Second, our Onda top can be worn three ways! For a more lifted look, you can wear both straps on one shoulder or criss cross the straps.

6. Short Torso

The key here is to lift and lengthen with bandeau tops and low-rise bottoms. For an elongated look, our Onda bottoms and Vague tops will be your best friend! We’ve heard many women struggle with finding swimsuits to flatter their torso so we’ve created suits so versatile that you can mix and match any of our styles. This top and bottom combo will make your mid-section appear to be longer and draw more attention to your collarbone, shoulders, and neck. We want to compliment your legs for a balanced figure which is a lot easier to achieve than you may think.

Elongate Body Bikini

7. Short Legs

For our ladies 5’5 and under, finding clothing to elongate your legs may seem challenging. Well, the best part about swimwear is that you don’t need to worry about the length like you would in jeans, you just need to find the right cut for your hips. Focus on high-waisted and high-cut bottoms because these styles will lengthen your legs and shorten your torso just a smidge. Never think you need another growth spurt in order to feel like you have sexy, long legs! The higher the cut on the hip, the longer your legs will appear.

Elongate Body Bikini
Long Body One Piece
8. Tummy Pouch

Whether you need a little more love around your tummy or your sides, our Nalu one piece has your back. We mean this literally because it’s meant to make you feel comfortable, sexy and secure in all areas. Our fabric is smooth enough so that you won’t feel like you’re too covered up at the beach, but also durable to hug you in the right areas. Designed with the sexiest backline possible, we’ve kept the front simple so that all the attention is drawn to your neck and back.

Understand that the problem with unflattering swimsuits has never been about your body or it’s shape. It’s been all of the misleading “guides” for women to find their body type and brands basing their designs off of those guides. As of lately, we’re witnessing a beautiful shift in women’s apparel that’s moving in a direction of clear transparency, inclusiveness and diversity. We’re not all the way there yet, but we will get there one ethical brand and conscious consumer at a time!



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