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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Step by step guide to reduce your carbon footprint and to help save the Earth while having a blast.


We know how overwhelming climate change can feel

With all these terrifying facts and statistics telling you that our planet is doomed if you don’t take extreme measures, it may deter you from doing anything at all. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 5 simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint in your everyday life.


Remember, you don’t have to be a perfect citizen to do your part in helping the planet. Every action counts, no matter how big or how small. What matters most is that you’re choosing to make conscious decisions for the good of our ecosystem.

1. Waste Less
Around 40% of the food that we buy ends up going to waste each week that we get groceries. If each of us wastes 40% of our food each week, you can imagine the improvements we’d see if more people chose to waste less. Not to mention, consciously choosing to stop wasting food will save you money!


  • Make a grocery list: The most simple, yet effective way to reduce your waste. Organize your fridge so you know exactly what you’re out of and what you’re already stocked up on, prevent you from buying things you don’t need.

  • Only buy in bulk if it’s necessary: For bigger families, buying in bulk can be cost effective and a smarter way to shop for groceries. 

  • Freeze: Preserve the life of your food by freezing it if you’re not planning on eating it right away.

Save the Earth

2. Shop Sustainably
From clothes to grocery shopping, there are a number of ways you can shop more sustainably. Remember that as the price drops, the environmental cost increases.
  •  Quality over quantity: 

Instead of looking for cheap prices, seek out more quality items that will last you longer. Try not to contribute to fast  fashion.

  • Bring reusable bags: 

At grocery and clothing stores, always bring your own bag to avoid using plastic.

  • Support sustainable brands: 

Buy from brands that choose eco-friendly fabrics and produce their products in ethical factories


    3. Reduce Meat  Consumption 
    Before you click out, we’re only encouraging you to reduce your meat consumption rather than completely change your lifestyle! While switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet has major benefits for the environment, you can still make an impact by reducing your meat consumption on a daily basis.
    • Less red meat: 

      Studies show that the production of red meat requires a lot of feeding, water and land. In addition, cows themselves give off methane emissions which is a harmful greenhouse gas.

    • Eat lower on the food chain: 

      This means to consume more vegetables, fruits, and grains which also tend to be less expensive at the grocery store.

    Save the Planet


    4. Energy Efficient Home
    What’s great about starting with simple solutions to reduce your carbon footprint is that most of these actions will save you money as well. Creating a more energy efficient home starts with your heat, lights and appliances.
    • Turn down the heat: 

    Even on colder days, try to be conscious of how high and often you use the heater in your home.

    • Turn off your lights and appliances: 

    Anytime you leave the room or the house, turn off the lights to save energy.

    • Laptop over desktop: 

    Use your laptop over a desktop computer since they require less energy to charge and run.


    5. Drive Less
    We can’t always make the decision to stop driving if our livelihood depends on us getting from one place to another. However, we can make small changes that will reduce the amount of damage that driving has on the environment.
    • Drive efficiently: 

      Be conscious of how often you switch from break to gas, to reduce gas emissions.

    • Air conditioning: 

      Refrain from using air conditioning every time you drive.

    • Carpool: 

      If you’re going to the same place, ride with someone else so that you’re splitting the emissions between two people.


    If you want to help even further, learn how to help save our oceans here:

    Reduce Carbon Footprint

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