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3 Ways You Can Help Save the Oceans

Learn how you can help protect and restore our oceans

We know that “saving our oceans” sounds like a pretty heavy task to carry out. Being 70% of the planet’s surface, one person can’t possibly save our oceans just by following a few conservation tips. Fortunately, there are thousands of people becoming more aware of how powerful their day-to-day actions are becoming.

If you think about it, we all love our oceans for one reason or another. Some of us love to put on a bikini and swim, travel, snorkel, or simply just love the view. It’s hard not to love the ocean when every living thing on this planet relies on it so heavily. That’s why fully understanding the dangerous aftermath of overfishing and pollution is becoming increasingly valuable.


You can make a difference!

1. Check Your Labels

Overfishing is like pollutions little sister. They’re both incredibly dangerous for our oceans because they’re caused by overproduction of businesses. Fish populations are rapidly decreasing in size due to a high-demand of seafood consumers and grocery stores. We have unsustainable fishing practices that won’t allow us to continue down this path for much longer because there won’t be any fish left in the sea.

What you can do is become more aware of the seafood you’re purchasing by checking the back label for sustainability signs. If you see a blue or green fish logo, you’re seeing the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) verification which tells you that the seafood is coming from a sustainably-managed fishery. It’s simple, but so effective once we can all remember to check our labels.

2. Stop Single-Use Plastics

Hopefully this isn’t new information for any of us, but single-use plastics completely destroy our ecosystems. This goes for plastic straws, water bottles, take-out packaging, package wrapping, and plastic bags. All things that we’ve used at restaurants, grocery stores or even at home without thinking twice about their impact (at Sinipesa Swim, our packaging is plastic free, of course).

Now, we have to be so much more careful because we know certain things like there’s 8 million tons of plastic that gets thrown into the ocean each year or 500 million straws that are used every single day. With all this detrimental information we have on plastic, we can make better choices by using a refillable water bottle, reusable grocery bags and metal straws. Just by every one of us using 5 less straws each year, we can keep 1.5 billion plastic straws out of our oceans. That number is just too high for us not to realize that our daily habits add up to make a huge difference!



3. Become a Respectful Traveler

As a swimwear brand who loves traveling, we fully encourage all of you to see as many cities, countries, and beaches as humanly possible! We want to make sure that we’re all respectful travelers as well. As a tourist, sometimes we can fall into vacation mode and ethics might slip out of our mind for the time being.

Tourist attractions around the world often include beaches, wildlife and marine life habitats where most people aren’t necessarily thinking about the potential unethical business practices. Why should we? Unfortunately, we have to be sure that we aren’t supporting businesses that are profiting off of unethical or abusive practices. To be safe, always research the business beforehand to make sure that they follow rules that protect and respect each habitat. Even when you’re at the gift shop, refrain from purchasing souvenirs like coral, shark or tortoise shell jewelry because these items threaten endangered species.

If you want to learn more on how to save not only the oceans, but nature in general, click here:


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